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What are the top priorities for a new SEO campaign?


You have a lot of work ahead, months, or even years of work. So what are your top priorities? What should you tackle first if you want to launch your campaign as quickly as possible?

Starting an SEO campaign from scratch can be challenging. You don't have specific domain authority, you probably don't have any content developed yet and you may not have a strategic direction for your campaign. A lot of work and months - or even years - of work ahead of you.

What are the top priorities for a new SEO campaign?

So what are your top priorities? What should you tackle first if you want to launch your campaign as quickly as possible?

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The complexity of search engine optimization

First, we need to address the complexity of SEO and what makes it so complex.

Two major forces are making this strategy intimidating and challenging for newcomers. The first is Google's ranking algorithm. 

There are hundreds of different ranking factors that are taken into consideration when choosing content to rank. It takes time to understand all of these ranking factors, and even if you are familiar with all of them, it is difficult to determine which factors are most important to your website at a particular point in time.

The second is competition. Even if you are a true innovator, and starting a new industry, you will face at least some competition when ranking for commonly searched keyword terms. How will you move on to that?

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Timing and development

Here's the good news. SEO is a long term strategy. There are some downsides to this; It will likely be at least weeks or even months before you start seeing results. But since you have so much time to work with, and so many opportunities to change your strategy, what you do in the first two weeks is not going to make or break your campaign.

However, you can get started faster and start seeing results sooner if you choose the right priorities.

What are the top priorities for a new SEO campaign?

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Primary priorities

So what are the right priorities?

  1. strategic direction. First, I think it is important to define your strategic direction. What do you hope to achieve with this campaign? Are you simply trying to attract more organic traffic, or are you trying to take down a certain competitor? Is there a specific set of keyword terms you want to rank for, or are you looking for more general dominance? What is your schedule, and how much do you want to spend? These high-level questions will define your strategy from now on, so it's important to answer them rather than recklessly hoping for the best.
  2. Keyword search. Next, process your keyword research. When developing content, building links, and dealing with your other responsibilities, keywords will guide many of your choices. If you have a solid list of primary and secondary keywords to target, you will find it much easier to navigate the rest of your campaign.
  3. Website creation and functionality. Your website is truly the heart of your SEO campaign, so building and polishing your website should be your next priority. There are dozens, if not hundreds of technical factors to address, but to get started, you should focus on making your website as functional, clean, and efficient as possible. In other words, make it work and make it beautiful.
  4. The main site pages. The canonical pages of your website will be those that inform users about your business and your services. These will be some of the most important pages for ranking, and they will be some of the most important for establishing your authority. For this reason, you should work on writing and developing it before any of your other pages. Ensure that they each have ample, well-written content and are optimized for specific target keyword phrases.
  5. Indexing success. Once your site is fully operational, it is important to make sure your site is properly indexed. Double-check your robots.txt file, and upload the sitemap to Google directly. Then, have some patience, as sometimes it takes Google a few weeks to fully index your site. Check back frequently to make sure your website appears.
  6. Primary backlinks. With your website properly indexed, you are out of the races. It's time to start building some initial backlinks for your website to start building authority. Don't just create backlinks too quickly, because a new website that attracts too many links too quickly is a red flag that could get you penalized.
  7. On-site content (and more). If you haven't already, now is the time to start pushing more persistent content into the site and settling in a pattern for the future of your campaign.

There is room for debate on this topic, but there is no doubt that the priorities you have listed are important to deal with in the early stages of your campaign. The order in which you address them, and whether you address them concurrently is more important for discussion. 

In any case, it is important to sit down, evaluate your goals and establish a direction for your campaign before you start taking actionable steps.

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